Get Healthy at Work

What is Get Healthy at Work?

Get Healthy at Work is a NSW Government service designed for workplaces to help address priority health issues and improve the health of staff through the development of a workplace health program.

Why do we need Get Healthy at Work?

Australian adults spend 1/3 of their lives at work – and we need support to get healthy!

  •  62% are overweight or obese
  •  92% have inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables
  •  20% consume more than 2 alcoholic drinks per day
  •  16% smoke tobacco daily
  •  62% of workers don’t do enough physical activity

Organisations that don’t promote health and wellness are four times more likely to lose staff within 12 months. UNSW is committed to creating a workplace that helps you feel fitter and healthier.

How does Get Healthy at Work work?

A service provider has been assigned to us by the Get Healthy at Work program. Healthy Work Options is the service provider for UNSW, and they are working with the Health Safety and Wellbeing team to roll out free Health Checks to staff and to help us create an action plan to deal with any issues which are identified.

An unlimited number of free online health checks are available in addition to 500 free face-to-face checks. Face-to-face checks have the additional benefit of giving staff the chance to talk issues through with someone.

Brief Health Checks:

  • 15 minutes
  • Free and confidential
  • Anonymous
  • Immediate feedback and advice
  • Conducted in a private space at our workplace by a professional health practitioner or online
  • Voluntary
  • Free referrals to supporting health services
  • No blood or urine collected! The only measurement is of your waist

What happens to the results?

  • Results remain anonymous
  • Results are pooled and summarised for data (Get Healthy at Work and UNSW don’t receive any results that could identify workers)
  • If more than 50 Brief Health Checks are completed at our workplace, a summary report is generated to give us a snapshot of the health of our workers

When will Get Healthy at Work start at UNSW?

The program has already started, with brief health checks taking place on campus at Art & Design in early May. The program will continue to be rolled out faculty by faculty throughout the University.

Look out for when the brief health checks are coming to your work area.

If you would like more information please contact Liza Poppert.