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Log in to MYUNSW to enrol on any of the below Training Courses. 

1. Click on My Staff Profile
2. Enter Learning and Development Tab
3. Enter Request Training Enrolment
4. Enter Search by Course Number
5. Enter HSE and click search (this will bring up all Health, Safety & Environment Courses)
6. All Online Courses become available within 24hrs of enrolment 

Refer to MyUNSW Training Registration Guide for more information.
Refer to HS006 Induction Registration Guide for more information

If you experience any difficulties with your enrolment in to any of the below courses please email with your ZID Number and the course you wish to be enrolled in. 

All Staff Training Courses: 

Training Courses

Required Enrolment

Course Number

Moodle Course Code

Delivery Method

HSE Induction

Please organise a local area Health & Safety Induction with your Supervisor


All Staff

HS006 (Form) Not Applicable Face-to-Face with Supervisor

Health & Safety Awareness

All Staff  HSEAWA HSEA0001 Online

Work Health & Safety Refresher

As required  HSEREF HSEF0001 Online

Ergonomic & Manual Tasks

All Staff  HSEEMT HSEE0001 Online

Refresher Ergonomic & Manual Tasks

As required HSEERF HSEF0002 Online

Sexual Misconduct Awareness

 All Staff SMA&R  SMAR0001  Online 

Supervisor Training Courses:

Training Courses Required Enrolment Course Code Moodle Course Code Delivery Method

Managing Health & Safety @ UNSW

All Managers, Supervisors and Heads of School HSEOSO  HSEO0001 Online 

HS for Supervisors 

Lab-based, Fieldwork & Workshop Managers, Supervisors and Heads of School  

Requests for Face-to-Face Laboratory/Workshop Supervisors will need to go to your Faculty HSE Coordinator.


Laboratory/Workshop Staff Training Courses: 

Please log in using Internet Explorer as we have experienced technical difficulties with other browsers. If you have further queries about the safety training course please contact UNSW Training at

HSELSO: Lab Safety Course

HSEBSC: Biosafety Course

HSEHSO: Hazardous Substances Course

HSEFCS: Fume Cupboard Course

HSELNC: Liquid Nitrogen Course

HSEGTC: Gene Tech Course

Training Courses Required Enrolment Course Code Moodle Course Code Delivery Method Status

Laboratory Safety Awareness

All staff working in Laboratories HSELSO HSEL0003 Online Available

Green Lab Environment Compliance

All lab users who work without direct supervision or teach or supervise students in labs. FAQ HSEGLC HSEG0001 Online Available

Hazardous Substances

All staff working in Laboratories with Hazardous Substances HSEHSO HSEH0002 Online Available

Introduction to Radiation

 All staff working with radiation HSERD1  HSER0001  Online  Available

 Gene Technology

All staff working with GMO's   HSEGTC HSEG0002  Online  Available

Biological Safety Course

All staff working in Biological Containment Facilities  HSEBSC HSEB0001 Online  Available

 Liquid Nitrogen

As Required   HSELNC HSEL0002   Online Available

 Fume Cupboards and Safety

As Required  HSEFCS   HSEFCS0001  Online Available

UNSW Poisons and Therapeutic Substance (S4D, S8 & S9)

As required RECSSD RECS0001  Online  Available

Volunteer Staff Training Courses:

Training Courses Required Enrolment Course Number Moodle Course Number Delivery Method

Chief Warden Training


Chief Fire Wardens  HSECFW  Not Applicable  Face-to-Face

Warden Training


Fire/Floor Wardens


EMFW2020  Online

Fire Equipment Training

New Fire/Floor Wardens  HSEFET  Not Applicable   Face-to-Face

AED Training

First Aid Officers and Fire/Floor Wardens   Please email

Subject Line: UNSW ZOLL AED Plus - Online Training

You will be provided a Log In to emedics to complete the course


First Aid Training 

(Every 3 years)

Appointed First Aid Officer   FIRSTA  Not Applicable  Face-to-Face

CPR Training

(Yearly CPR Training)

Appointed First Aid Officer  HSEFAR   Not Applicable  Face-to-Face

HS Consultation

HS Reps/ HS Committee Members  HSECCO   HSEC0002  Online

Officer Training

Executive Team   HSEOFT   Not Applicable  Face-to-Face

Training F.A.Q.s

Do casual staff have to complete the mandatory HSE Awareness and HSE Ergonomics Training?

Casual Staff have the option to complete the online ‘HSE Awareness’ and ‘HSE Ergonomics’ training courses or to complete a local HSE induction (which should include as a minimum how to report a hazard/ incident, consultation mechanisms/ contacts, where to find HSE resources and relevant hazards and controls, including but not limited to emergency procedures/ contacts). Managers/ Supervisors must keep records of completion of any local induction. See MyUNSW Training Registration Guide for instructions on how to self-enrol in the online courses.

Can you get an exemption from completing safety training?

Any requests for individual exemptions should be provided in writing by an individual’s Manager/ Supervisor to, copying the relevant H&S Coordinator, justifying how the related risks and due diligence obligations will be managed. Options include providing appropriate supervision, information or instruction to the individual, or confirming their competency in recognition of any prior learning.

How often do I have to complete the health & safety refresher training?

Refresher is optional except where mandated by legislation or local requirements e.g. First Aider Training, CPR, high risk activities with associated licence /certification renewal requirements such as high-risk plant operation etc. UNSW recognises that individual capability is developed based on a combination of formal and informal learning and the H&S capability framework aligns with the 70/20/10 model of education, exposure and experience. If appropriate, Managers/ Supervisors or individuals may self-enrol individuals for refresher training as per the instructions on this page.

How can I access my training results?

Log in to MYUNSW to obtain any training results.

1. Enter Staff Profile

2. Enter My Profile

3. Enter Learning and Development 

4. Enter Training Summary

Can affiliated staff complete UNSW Training?

Affiliated staff who wish to complete UNSW Health and Safety Training are required to obtain a z-number to register themselves into our training courses.  

Please complete the OSA02 form and send it to UNSW IT to get a z-number. Once you have a z-number you can register through myUNSW (

Without a ZID there are costs associated with attending our courses.

Do I have to complete the safety training before being allowed access to laboratories?

Staff and students are expected to complete the health and safety training within a reasonable timeframe. If the staff/student recently attended equivalent training at another institution this may be assessed as sufficient, contact

There is no requirement that the classroom training must be completed by staff/student before entry into a laboratory is granted.

Since classroom courses at UNSW are held every 1-2 months it is usual that there is a gap between when an individual starts work at UNSW and when they can attend classroom training. It is the responsibility of the local area to provide a thorough induction into the area (including Safe Work Procedures, Risk Management Forms, PPE, waste, emergency etc) and training on the lab techniques they will be carrying out to ensure they are competent to work in the laboratory (and thus given access). The assessment of the individual by their supervisor is the test of competency, the classroom training by UNSW is an awareness session. Evidence that the individual has enrolled onto the training should be sufficient for entry, with follow-up by the supervisor to ensure that they have attended at the planned date.

What are ECO Members Training Requirements?

According to AS3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities states that:

“ECO members, including nominated deputies, shall attend a skills retention activity at intervals not greater than 6 months.

Skills retention activities shall-

  1. Be determined by the EPC, based on the specific requirements for the facility and its emergency plan.
  2. Include revision of roles and responsibilities as set out in the emergency response procedures.
  3. Include instruction of the operation of the communications system (if installed).

Skills retention may also include, but not necessarily be limited to, table-top exercises and evacuation exercised for the ECO.”

All wardens regardless of level must complete annual training.  For this the Emergency Planning Committee in conjunction with the Emergency Management Team use the online module for the wardens and the day course for the deputy and chief wardens.  They are also expected to take part in the annual evacuation drill.