UNSW-approved External Ergonomic Assessment Providers

If the UNSW Health and Safety team is unable to conduct an ergonomic assessment due to resource availability, you may be directed to engage a UNSW-approved external ergonomic assessment provider

The costs of such services will be covered by the relevant division/faculty.

ProRehab Solutions

ProRehab Solutions is recommended as it has experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and/or Exercise Physiologists. Each consultant has a minimum of 10 years of experience. The assessment will follow the UNSW Health and Safety checklist format and any recommendations will be listed in the report. The report will be submitted within 5 days of the completion of the assessment. To book in a Workplace Ergonomic Assessment please email admin@prorehab.com.au.    

Package A: Based on an individual basic assessment. Each assessment is charged at $350+GST and includes:

  • Ergonomic Assessment of the employee’s work station and environment
  • Checklist of the assessment and any specific recommendations
  • Discussion with the appropriate staff regarding any recommendations
  • Travel to and from the Kensington or Paddington campus

Package B: This consists of more than one assessment being undertaken at the same visit (i.e. 5 -10 assessments in one day). This service is charged at $350+GST for the first Assessment (including travel) and $150+GST for each assessment that follows during the same trip and includes all of the same services as above.

Interact Injury Management

If ProRehab is not able to conduct the workplace ergonomic assessment within a reasonable time frame, Interact Injury Management may be contacted. They will carry out individual Ergonomic Assessment & Functional Education. This service is charged at $198+ GST and Interact Injury Management also covers the Canberra Campus. The service includes:

  • Provision of handwritten checklist by therapist
  • Individual Ergonomic Assessment Report
  • Quotation for equipment (if recommended)

To book in a Workplace Ergonomic Assessment with Interact Injury Management please email referrals@interactgroup.com.au