Working after hours

Working after hours and working alone, increases the risk of certain hazards due to the reduction of immediate assistance in the event of an incident.

All after hours access must be approved by your supervisor.


  • Walking to and from your vehicle/ transport alone or in the dark
  • Poor/No emergency response
  • Fatigue


  • Use well-lit areas like the University Walk to access car/bus
  • Try to walk in groups or pairs
  • Contact Unibeat for Security Escort from any lift phone or University Help Point
  • Use free Security Shuttle Bus Service
  • Inform another person when you ar due to finish/arrive home so they can raise the alarm if you do not
  • An employee can work a maximum of 38 ordinary hours in a week


For workers carrying out medium-high risk activities (non-office work) alone or after hours refer to HS322 Working Alone or After Hours Guideline