SciQuest ERM


Ordering Hardware?

Please get your purchasing person to login to NSF Financials
Supplier for all of these is e-Volve
Note: Placement of your order automatically sets up an itservice desk request


You need the following items to run SciQuest:

 1. Zebra printer GK420t under the category
2. CT10 Barcode Scanner under
    Office Equipment and Accessories

 These items are held in stock at the UNSW Stores
3. Printer ribbon 1MI1-EL801* under
    Printer Ribbons
4. Barcode Labels 1SH1-UNIFCUT* under

First steps


Receiving, Container Transfer and Printing Barcodes

Obtaining Inventory Data

Setting up reports

Creating New Material and Containers

Training reports for online ERM Course


  1. ERM Data Cleansing Getting Started
  2. ERM Data Cleansing Template Guide
  3. ERM Data Utility Guide
  4. ERM Data Utility Person Template.xls
  5. ERM Data Utility Location Template.xls
  6. ERM Data Utility Container Template.xls
  7. ERM Data Utility.accdb Best using Firefox or Chrome

  • Staff - Click here to ENROL
  • Students - Click here to ENROL
All enrolments are done on a Friday by 2pm. Accessible by Monday


 Test Site  Live site
The web address for the TEST site is:
You should use this test site for initial loading of your data so you can identify any issues prior to loading into the Live site.
This is also a useful site for training and practicing. You must be set up as a User first. Contact the SciQuest ERM administrator in your area for access.

You MUST have completed the online training course before you can be set up as a user.

The web address for the LIVE (Production) site is:

Contact the SciQuest ERM administrator in your area for access