Reporting Hazards & Incidents

If you have an incident:

  • Assess the situation and at no time put yourself or others in danger.
  • Respond to the scenario if you have been trained appropriately.
  • Inform a supervisor/co-worker/another person for assistance.
  • Determine if an emergency response needs to be triggered (refer to Emergency poster)
  • If possible do not disturb the site.
  • Take photos of the scene.
  • Collect up names of any witnesses
  • Report it to UNSW Health, Safety & Environment team as soon as possible.
  • Log it within 24 hours in myUNSW hazard reporting system: Log into myUNSW / Staff Profile and enter Health, Safety & Environment then click on Report a Hazard/Incident.
  • If reporting for a student we advise if the system does not automatically select the correct supervisor please use either of the following individuals, Supervisor, Lab Manager or the HSE Coordinator for their Faculty.  
  • Consider debrief, counselling, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) needs for those potentially affected.

If first aid treatment is required:

Contact a local first aider – you will find the list of first aiders and wardens on a poster next to the building lifts. You will also find a list on the Emergency Management website:

If you cannot make contact with a local first aider, contact UNSW Security (9385 6666) who are all trained first aiders.

First aiders are trained to evaluate an incident and either treat it or direct you to professional help.

Professional help that a first aider may direct you to includes UNSW Pharmacist (located in Quadrangle Building), UNSW Medical Centre (located in Quadrangle Building), your General Practitioner, Prince of Wales Emergency Department, Ambulance service.

All incidents must be reported:

Ensure that the incident is reported, do this by going to myUNSW (, then go into My Staff/Student Profile, make sure you are in Manage My Profile, then click Health, Safety & Env. See screen shot below.


One of the main advantages of online reporting is that it will enable the tracking of corrective actions and escalation of items remaining unresolved.
It will also provide feedback to the person who took the time to report the hazard and hopefully encourage much more reporting of hazards before they cause harm to others.
NOTE: myUNSW times out after 20mins therefore if you have not saved your report you will have to complete it again.