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About Project Salus

Project Salus, named after the Roman goddess of safety and wellbeing, aims to implement a new Safety Management System: WHS Monitor. This demonstrates UNSW's commitment to safety, wellbeing, and continuous improvement.

In line with the UNSW 2025 strategy, this new, ‘one stop shop’ system will replace Safety functionality currently implemented in SafeSys and PiMs, with the goal to assist our staff, students, and partners to meet our legislative obligations, and have a centralized Safety Management System, across UNSW, that will deliver a streamlined and safer workplace, across all our campus environments. This includes hazard and incident reporting, risk management forms, safe work procedures, inspections, audits, Safety training, and induction.

WHS Monitor is a modular solution and UNSW is planning to implement these modules progressively, including integration with existing UNSW systems as part of the overall solution.


Benefits of the new safety system

The decision to implement a modern, commercial, fit-for-purpose Safety Management System provides UNSW with significant opportunities.

The current Safety landscape is changing (e.g. compliance with ISO AS45001), presenting UNSW with an opportunity to review how safety is managed and further improve the existing capability. WHS Monitor will allow UNSW to standardise Safety policies and procedures across Faculties and Divisions, enabling Safety to be more streamlined and aligned with best practice.


WHS Monitor is a sommercial, standards-based off the shelf (COTS) product. It provides enhanced and timely reporting capabilities for risk and hazard management and regulatory compliance. It will align with UNSW’s 2025 Strategy, (e.g. Academic Excellence, Innovation and Engagement and Social Impact) and better support the achievement of Safety goals and objectives outlined in our WHS Plan 2019-2023.

Integrating the new WHS Monitor with other UNSW systems will avoid the current fragmented and siloed approach to Safety management.

This cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform will improve service levels by providing a stable, responsive, scalable and highly available solution.


What's In The First Release


The first release of WHS Monitor will enable UNSW users to:

  • Report and manage a hazard
  • Report and manage an incident
  • Record inspections
  • Manage corrective actions
  • Build personalised dashboards


 The new system will assist in monitoring the progress of pending corrective actions and automatically escalate all actions that remain outstanding.

WHS Monitor will also provide comprehensive reporting and real-time statistics through its flexible reporting functionality.


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