Rest Breaks

Task variation

Task variation ensures that a variety of working postures are assumed. Regular breaks will assist to relieve muscle fatigue, eyestrain and to restore the level of concentration.

Pause Break Reminder Programs

A number of computer applications are available for installation which provide users with tailored reminders to take rest breaks.

Work Rave Software is a free application which can be downloaded for use with PCs. Time Out - Break Reminders and Anti RSI Mac are similar applications for use with MAC devices.

Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition software is also available to promote breaks from keyboard. A number of options are available, including but not limited to Windows 7 Speech Recognition

Stretches and exercises

Stretching and exercising helps prevent injuries by increasing blood flow and allowing individuals to change posture. HS705: Guide to Your Computer Workstation provides information about pause exercises. If you have a medical condition or an existing injury, you should discuss the suggested sample exercises with your treating doctor and / or treatment provider and in all cases follow any specific advice or guidelines given by them.