Funding for Workers with Disabilities or Special Needs

A number of funding arrangements are available for specialist equipment required by workers with disabilities or special needs.

Job Access

Job Access may be contacted to conduct a free workplace assessment for those with disabilities that fit their criteria. They can also provide funding toward any adjustments needed (e.g. new chair/desk). Generally this is for a temporary or permanent disability that affects an individual’s everyday work activities and has lasted or is likely to last 2 years.

UNSW Reasonable Adjustment Fund

UNSW has a Resonable Adjustment Fund to assist in covering the costs of more expensive items associated with workplace changes required for those with temporary or permanent disabilities. A work unit can claim for costs of items necessary for the individual. The costs are spread between the individual’s unit budget and the central funds, depending on the cost of the item. Costs of building modifications (e.g. ramps) remain the responsibility of Estate Management.

For further information see UNSW’s Reasonable Adjustments information.