UNSW 2015 Influenza Clinic

The annual influenza clinic for 2015 will not commence until 31 March.

The Department of Health advised due to a manufacturing delay the vaccines will not be available until late March 2015: "The main reason for the delay is that the World Health Organisation and the Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee have agreed that the 2015 southern hemisphere seasonal influenza vaccine will contain three seasonal influenza strains, with two strain changes from the 2014 vaccine." These changes include a specific Influenza strain which is causing an increase in Flu cases in the current Northern Hemisphere winter.

Influenza Clinic dates range from 31 March - 7 May 2015, 9.30am - 1pm. When making an appointment you will be required to register online.

For appointment changes please revisit the email confirmation. To cancel an appointment click on the link provided in the email. Changes cannot be made by UNSW Health Service staff.

If you require further information contact the Practice Manager cheryl.walker@unsw.edu.au or visit this Influenza information page