R U OK? Day: Thursday 8th September 2016

What is R U OK?

R U OK? Day is a national campaign aimed at encouraging everyone to start a conversation by asking their friends, family and colleagues "Are you OK?"

R U OK? is an organisation committed to helping reduce distress by empowering people to make a difference, encouraging open and honest conversation, whilst driving a real connection between people. The organisation's aim is to inspire all Australians to recognise that they can make a positive impact by connecting with their friends, colleagues and loved ones.

This simple but powerful question lets the people in our lives know that they are important to us, and helps to create a sense of connectedness for all in the community.

A sense of connectedness is a crucial component of positive mental health and is a key aim of the UNSW Wellbeing Strategy Group's plan to promote and improve the wellbeing of our University community.

R U OK Day is an initiative of the R U OK? Foundation and supports the Australian Government's National Suicide Prevention Strategy.

Each year, more than 2,300 Australians suicide and an estimated 65,000 people attempt suicide each year. Suicide is the biggest killer of Australians aged 15 to 34 years. R U OK? Day is an essential part of the effort to reduce these figures by encouraging meaningful conversations with friends, family and colleagues.

R U OK? Day at UNSW

UNSW has an ongoing commitment to the health, welfare and safety of all our staff and students. We believe small steps can make a difference and on the second Thursday of September each year, the University hosts events to encourage staff and students to start a conversation.

Watch this space for information on the 2016 R U OK? Day promotions and events.

Useful Tips for asking 'R U OK'?

Ask: "Are you OK?", making sure to let the person know that you have time to talk.

Listen: Be open-minded, non-judgmental and patient.

Encourage: Make suggestions that encourage physical health, self-care and professional help, if required.

Follow-up: Stay in touch. Genuine care and concern can make a real difference


For more R U OK? Day information and resources about R U OK? Day, visit the R U OK Day webpage: https://www.ruok.org.au

For useful services and resources, please visit the Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources webpage.


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For information about the UNSW Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy please visit the Mental Health and Wellbeing webpage.

For more information about the R U OK? Day events on campus or to host an event, please email the UNSW Wellbeing Team (wellbeing@unsw.edu.au)