Australasian University Emergency Management Association

When I started at UNSW as the Emergency & Major Incident Manager this year, a key goal of mine was to establish a network of likeminded professionals in emergency management (EM). In the past EM in Universities was seen as a role someone in security, health & safety, risk or facilities management were given as an additional task. UNSW was one of the first Uni’s to identify that it needs to be a stand-alone position, given adequate resources required to function effectively & play a key role in how the University is able to prevent, prepare, respond & recover to merging threats in our constantly changing environment.

On 7th May, the Australasian University Emergency Management Association (AUEMA) was incorporated as an association by NSW Fair Trading, with UNSW being the address of the association. This is the only emergency management association in the higher education sector of Australia & NZ. We currently have twenty-seven Universities from all states of Australia and NZ as part of our association.

The objectives of the associations are:

•             Promote the exchange of information on EM and related topics between EM professional working in Universities

•             Promote uniform approaches to EM issues in Universities

•             Provide representation to educational authorities and government bodies for EM

•             Develop career pathways within the sector with clearly defined standards of training & education

An example of just one way this association will benefit UNSW is by being invited to other universities to gain insights into their emergency management principles. I recently attended UTS as an observer and to provide feedback for an emergency exercise scenario they conducted based on a terrorist attack at Museum Station. Many of the lessons learnt from this exercise can be directly transferred to our approach for a similar event.

For more information about the association please email;  

Rick Minter


Emergency & Major Incident Manager

Security & Traffic Unit

Estate Management