Chemicals purchased from overseas


In some cases when UNSW purchases chemicals from overseas suppliers, it is classified as the importer, although in many cases we would import these chemicals for research or sample analysis purposes only. In this case the chemicals may fall under WHS Regulations 2017 Clause 331, where a chemical that is classed for research purposes or sample analysis only, does not require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) compliant with Schedule 7, clause 1 of the WHS Regulations 2017. 

In these cases, an SDS that is compliant with WHS Regulations Schedule 7, clause 2 should be produced. As UNSW is purchasing directly from the manufacturer, the research group would become the importer, and the duty to provide a sufficient risk assessment in compliance with schedule 7, clause 2, falls to the Local Work or Research Group importing the material.  

In this sense, the Regulator has advised that they would expect a thorough risk assessment to be conducted and that this information is communicated to users. As a minimum, the Local Work or Research Group should have a contact name and number of the importer (this may be the manager of the local work group, researcher or professor, state the hazard information as far as is available and provide any precautionary measures for using, handling or storing the chemical. You can always refer to the Legislations and Weblinks page on the UNSW Work Health and Safety website or if you still need help, contact your Work Health and Safety Contact