Jaggaer Chemical Inventory Management


Jaggaer Chemical Inventory Management (CIM) software is the system used for managing hazardous chemicals at UNSW.

In addition to providing capabilities for the complete chemical management life cycle from sourcing through acquisition, receipt, tracking, and disposal, Jaggaer also delivers the following capabilities:

  • Chemical and Material Management: Jaggaer provides complete, full-life-cycle chemical management, tracking, and reporting solution.
  • Sourcing and procurement provide a one-stop-shop for researchers to source chemicals and laboratory consumables from preferred suppliers, specialty suppliers or available inventory from Upper and Lower Campus Stores.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Jaggaer combines a GHS-compliant data model and proactive hazard flagging, with hazard identification to enable flagging and reporting of non-chemicals and other materials without these identifiers. Jaggaer also integrates with the Sigma-Aldrich Safety Data Sheet (SDS) repository to provide a complete compliance solution.

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email: JaggaerCIM@unsw.edu.au

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 Jaggaer CIM version 22.2

The update of Jaggaer CIM to version 22.2 is planned for 8th April 2023 .

The update includes the introduction of new functionality:

  •   Bioreagent search and request will no longer be available as the trial period is over.
  •  Ability to assign users to multiple sites.
  • Location-control access via organization association

Full detail of the Jaggaer CIM Ver. 22.2, please see the release note (link)

  • Jaggaer-NSF Purchasing of Chemicals and Lab Supplies.

UNSW is streamlining its Request to Pay process (R2P) to a single platform – Jaggaer.

Procurement recently renewed the Lab Supplies Panel, resulting in an increase to 17 suppliers with individually negotiated catalogue lists, to benefit you, the end-user. Apart from known suppliers such as Chem-Supply, Merck, Sigma Aldrich and Interpath, there are new vendors such as RS Components, Blackwoods, John Morris Group, GeneSearch who will have their catalogues available through the Jaggaer portal. 

For further information please visit the link.

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New How-to Guides below:

Hosted Catalogue Purchasing Procedure (UPDATED on 24/11/2020)

Type in purchasing procedure (UPDATED on 24/11/2020)

UNSW Store Purchasing Procedure

Open Approval Items - Safety and Cost Centre Approvals

Financial Approver Guide (UPDATED on 30/03/2022)

Financial Approver List (Updated on 30/03/2022) 

Helpful Info about Purchasing Via Jaggaer CIM

Hosted Catalogue Suppliers (Click)



Catalogue last loaded/Reviewed




Sigma-Aldrich (live pricing)



Thermo Fischer



Life Technology



Interpath Services



Qiagen (Live Pricing)






Abcam Australia






Rowe Scientific






Bio-Rad Laboratories






 Livingstone International (Live Pricing)



 John Morris



RS Components



 J.Blackwood & Son






Data lasted update (30/03/2022)



Please note all other Jaggaer suppliers; all prices include freight fees and the information provided in Jaggaer is the sole source of truth (in case of pricing discrepancies, etc.). Some products can be accessed via UNSW Stores for competitive prices.

When requisitioning from the Livingstone catalogue in Jaggaer, please make sure you consolidate quantities and frequencies to minimise issuing of single item orders.

In case you would like to know the details of the agreement between UNSW and Livingstone (for internal use only), please contact Petr Prazan or Shauna Simon.


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If you are a new user, first contact your School Administrator for access. 

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