Jaggaer CIM

Jaggaer Chemical Inventory Management 

Jaggaer Chemical Inventory Management (CIM) software is the system used for managing hazardous chemicals at UNSW.

In addition to providing capabilities for the complete chemical management life cycle from sourcing through acquisition, receipt, tracking, and disposal, Jaggaer also delivers the following capabilities:

  • Chemical and Material Management: Jaggaer provides a complete, full-life-cycle chemical management, tracking, and reporting solution.
  • Sourcing and procurement: provides a one-stop shop for researchers to source chemicals and laboratory consumables from preferred suppliers, specialty suppliers or available inventory from Upper and Lower Campus Stores.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Jaggaer combines a GHS-compliant data model and proactive hazard flagging, with hazard identification to enable flagging and reporting of non-chemicals and other materials without these identifiers. Jaggaer also integrates with the Sigma-Aldrich Safety Data Sheet (SDS) repository to provide a complete compliance solution.

Jaggaer CIM and NS Financials Integration

What it means to you?

The integration will remove the duplication of tasks such as Create Requisition, Receive Goods, etc. that currently need to be done in both Jaggaer CIM and the UNSW Finance System (NSF).

You will only need to create the requisition in Jaggaer CIM. Then once your Requisition is approved in Jaggaer CIM, the information will be sent automatically to NSF. NSF will then generate the Purchase Order (PO) automatically. The PO will continue to be approved in NSF. 

Goods Receipts entered in Jaggaer CIM, will automatically be sent to NSF. 

You will no longer need to link the PO to the Requisition manually. The integration will take care of this process for you. 

All you need to do is ensure you raise the Requisition or Receive Goods in Jaggaer CIM, the Purchase Order and Goods Receipt processes will be done for you automatically in NSF. 

For further information please contact:

E: JaggaerCIM@unsw.edu.au



If you are a new user, first contact your School Administrator for access.                                                                                                                                

Researcher Module (link)

  • Source Search/Shopping Cart (Purchasing from: Hosted Catalogues, UNSW Stores, Type In Items)
  • My Requests (view the status of your requisition)
  • Containter Search (perform various contanier operations e.g. search, dispose, transfer)
  • Materials Search (create containers)
  • Open Approval Items (Safety Approvals)
  • Receiving  (receive your orders)

Operations Module (link)

  • Substance Register (creating new materials)
  • Admin (add new users, cost centre management)
  • Reports

School Administrator Functions

1. How to create Organisations Cost Centres and People

2. Open Appovals Items

3. How to Create a Purchasing Report - PO Linking Process

4. How to obtain GHS summary data by Hazard type

5. How to Receive a Delivery

6. Inventory Auditing

Operation Module

1. Login Process 

2. Creating a New Material

3. Editing a Current Material

Researcher Module


1. User Preference Setup

2. Hosted Catalog Purchasing Procedures

3. Type in (Spot Buy) Purchasing Procedure

4. UNSW Stores Purchasing Procedures

5. Structure Searching Purchasing Procedure

6. My Request - Container Operations

7. Creating a Container

8. Container Operations (Seach, Edit Container, Disposals, In-Transit, Transfers)

9. Editing Email Notification Setting

10. Inventory Auditing

Stock-Room Users

1. Creating a New Stockroom Item

2. Editing - Updating Stock Items

3. Adjust Item Inventory

4. Ad Hoc and Reviewing Replenishment Orders

5. Receiving Replenishment Order

6. Picking Items for Request

7. Customer Return

Radioactive Chemical Purchasing Procedure

1. Radioactive Chemical Purchasing Procedure

Roles & Responsibilities

School Administrators

CIM Role Profiles

If you are experiencing technical difficulties:

  • Technical Support
  • Jaggaer Issues/Improvements Register
    • Click here to view progress of Jaggaer issues/improvements submissions. If entering a new issue/improvement, ensure that all fields are entered into the spreadsheet. Issues that cannot be dealt with locally by Jaggaer Technical Support will be triaged accordingly (e.g. to UNSW I.T, Jaggaer, etc.) 

If you are a new user, first contact your School Administrator for access.