Jaggaer Chemical CIM


Jaggaer Chemical Inventory Management (CIM) software is the system used for managing hazardous chemicals at UNSW.

In addition to providing capabilities for the complete chemical management life cycle from sourcing through acquisition, receipt, tracking, and disposal, Jaggaer also delivers the following capabilities:

  • Chemical and Material Management: Jaggaer provides a complete, full-life-cycle chemical management, tracking, and reporting solution.
  • Sourcing and procurement: provides a one-stop shop for researchers to source chemicals and laboratory consumables from preferred suppliers, specialty suppliers or available inventory from Upper and Lower Campus Stores.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Jaggaer combines a GHS-compliant data model and proactive hazard flagging, with hazard identification to enable flagging and reporting of non-chemicals and other materials without these identifiers. Jaggaer also integrates with the Sigma-Aldrich Safety Data Sheet (SDS) repository to provide a complete compliance solution.


Jaggaer CIM is undergoing software update from 9.4.1 to 19.2 (new version scheme) in February 2020. There will be disruptions to all Jaggaer external purchasing process for 24 hours on the day of the upgrade.

The upgrade will feature new functionalities such as:

  • Enhancement to “request item search” and source search functionality
  • Container search via material selections
  • Cost centre group and report management migrated to research module
  • Customize Grid Configuration
  • Streamlined Shopping Cart display
  • Ability to print mulitiple barcode labels

Release note for Version 19.2 note (link)

Here are the NEW quick reference guides:

  1. People management (create/edit users & cost centre management)
  2. Generating Reports in Research module. 

Intergration Project Updates

New How-to Guides below:

Hosted Catalogue Purchasing Procedure (UPDATED)

Type in purchasing procedure (UPDATED)

UNSW Store Purchasing Procedure

Open Approval Items - Safety and Cost Centre Approvals

Financial Approver list (UPDATED on 29/06/2020)


Hosted Catalogue Suppliers (Click)



Catalogue last loaded/Reviewed


Active (contract sill in negotiation)



Active (contract sill in negotiation)


Thermo Fischer



Life Technology



Interpath Services









ABcam Australia






Rowe Scientific






Bio-Rad Laboratories






 Livingstone International



 John Morris



RS Components






J.Blackwood & Son

Vendor boarding Inprogress


Data lasted update (09/07/2020)



Please note all other Jaggaer suppliers, all prices include freight fees and the information provided in Jaggaer is the sole source of truth (in case of pricing discrepancies, etc.). There are also some products that can be accessed via UNSW Stores for competitive prices.

When requisitioning from Livingstone catalogue in Jaggaer, please make sure you consolidate quantities and frequencies to minimise issuing of single item orders.

In case you would like to know the details of the agreement between UNSW and Livingstone (for internal use only), please contact me of Shauna Simon.

How to Access   

If you are a new user, first contact your School Administrator for access. 

 School Administrator List (Click)






Alex Tillman













Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering (GSBE)

Lynn Ferris

Neta Ben Ishay

Ayad Anwer

Chemical Engineering

John Starling

Robert Chan

Mechanical Engineering

Tamsin Peters

Seetha Mahadevan

Eldad Ben-Ishay

Electrical Engineering

Yanhua Luo

Australian National Fabrication Facility

Gordon Bates

Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy (SPREE)

Nicholas Shaw

Mark Silver

Katherine Bryant

Minerals and Energy Resource

Nino Zajaczkowski (TETB)

Kanchana Gamage (OMB)

Civil Engineering

Gautam Chattopadhyay

Kelvin Ong



Tracey Clay


















Shudi Tang (WW2E)

Rachel Manuel (WW3E)

Thomas Sobey (Lowy L3)

Katherine Marks (WW5E/Kirby)

Dixie Papast (WW4E)

Toshna Singh (Lowy L2)

Nancy Martin La Rotta (WW3SW/NW)

Rachel Manuel (WW1 Exercise Physiology)


Sophia Dean

Rural Clinical Schools

Jessica Macer-Wright

Karan Bland

Kimberley Minogue

Prince of Wales Clinical School

Rema Oliver

St. George and Sutherland Clinical School

Shinoo Swapnil (L2&3 REC)

School of Women's and Children's Health

Alfonsus Alvin (Westfield &

Strasser Laboratories)

Children's Cancer Institute Australia

Roie O'Brien

Elysia Neist

Nicholas Butler



Theresa McDonnell (Kahwati)







School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences (BABS)

David Reynolds

Jason Sercombe

Jeff Welch

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES)

Vivian Sim

Suzy Evans

Bernadette Phu

School of Chemistry

Giulia Oss

Toby Jackson

Josh Peterson

School of Materials Science and Engineering MSE

Anthony Zhang

Rahmat Kartono

School of Optometry and Vision Science

Dale Larden

Ajay Vijay

School of Psychology

Eva Fiala-Beer

Socrates Mantalaba

John Bolzan

Simon Killcross

School of Physics

Tamara Reztsova

Peter Reece

Sivakumar Natarajan

Division of Research


Carmel Jaconelli


Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre

Jennifer Tran

Sydney Liu

Douglas Lawes

Chris Marjo

Luciana Nadalin

Lin Chin

Research Ethics Compliance and Support (RECS)


Built Environment


Alfonsus Alvin

Art and Design


Jim Ward

Alex Byrne

UNSW Canberra


Vaish Muralidharan


Anthony Day


Researcher Module Link

(click on icon)

Quick Reference Guide

Role & Responsiblity

Issues & Questions


Researcher Module

  • Source Search/Shopping Cart (Purchasing from: Hosted Catalogues, UNSW Stores, Type In Items)
  • My Requests (view the status of your requisition)
  • Containter Search (perform various contanier operations e.g. search, dispose, transfer)
  • Materials Search & creation (create containers)
  • Open Approval Items (Safety Approvals)
  • Receiving  (receive your orders)
  • User/People managment


School Administrator Functions

1. How to create Organisations Cost Centres and People

2. Open Appovals Items

3. How to generate reports

4. Receiving in Jaggaer

5. Inventory Auditing

Researcher Module

1. User Preference Setup

2. Hosted Catalogue Purchasing Procedures

3. Type in (Spot Buy) Purchasing Procedure

4. UNSW Stores Purchasing Procedures

5. Structure Searching Purchasing Procedure

6. My Request

7. Creating a Container

8. Container Operations (Seach, Edit Container, Disposals, In-Transit, Transfers)

9. Editing Email Notification Setting

10. Inventory Auditing

11. Creating a New Material

12. Editing a Current Material


Stock-Room Users

1. Creating a New Stockroom Item

2. Editing - Updating Stock Items

3. Adjust Item Inventory

4. Ad Hoc and Reviewing Replenishment Orders

5. Receiving Replenishment Order

6. Picking Items for Request

7. Customer Return

Radioactive & S8/S9 Chemical Purchasing Procedure

1. Radioactive Chemical Purchasing Procedure

2. S8/S9 Chemical Purchasing            Procedure 



School Administrators

Role Profiles

If you are experiencing technical difficulties:

  • Technical Support

email: JaggaerCIM@unsw.edu.au

  • Jaggaer Issues/Improvements Register

Click here to view progress of Jaggaer issues/improvements submissions. If entering a new issue/improvement, ensure that all fields are entered into the spreadsheet. Issues that cannot be dealt with locally by Jaggaer Technical Support will be triaged accordingly (e.g. to UNSW I.T, Jaggaer, etc.) 

If you are a new user, first contact your School Administrator for access.