Documents & Resources

Title Category Document Type
HS684 List of Precautionary Statements Dangerous Goods, Chemical Information
HS685 List of Prohibited Cacinogenic Substances Carcinogens, Chemical Information
HS686 List of Restricted Cacinogenic Substances Carcinogens, Chemical Information
HS687 Chemicals for health surveillance Chemical Information
HS699 Laboratory Clearance Certificate Guideline Laboratory Guideline
HS700_Laboratory_Clearance_Certificate Laboratory Form
HS701 Personal Protective Equipment Signs Personal Protective Equipment Information
HS703 Work Alone or After Hours Approval Form After Hours Form
HS704 Laboratory Decommissioning Checklist Laboratory Checklist
HS707 Working at Heights Guideline Risk Management/Safe Work Guideline
HS708 Noise Management Procedure Noise Procedure
HS709 Materials Handling Guideline Plant and Equipment Guideline
HS710 Forklift Truck Checklist Plant and Equipment Checklist
HS716 Management of Picric Acid Protocol Chemical Protocol
HS717 Picric Acid Inspection Checklist Chemical Checklist
HS718 Guide to the Health and Safety Management system Health and Safety Management Guides
HS722 Indoor Thermal Comfort Guidelines For Managers Working Environment Guideline
HS723 Laboratory and Equipment Decommissioning / Project Cessation Procedure Laboratory, Biological Procedure
HS725 Guide to running Hazard Incident reports Hazard/Incident Management Guides
HS726 Cessation of Laboratory Activities Checklist Laboratory Checklist
HS727 School website guide for HS pages Health and Safety Management Guides
HS728 Design and Modification Guideline Plant and Equipment Guideline
HS729_Laboratory_Review_Form Laboratory Form
HS730 Legislative Compliance Guideline Health and Safety Management Guideline
HS731 External Complaints Procedure Hazard/Incident Management Procedure