Documents & Resources


Title Category Document Type
HS658 Responsibility Matrix Health and Safety Management Information
HS659 -1 Safety Eyewear Protocol Personal Protective Equipment Protocol
HS659 Personal Protective Equipment Guideline Personal Protective Equipment Guideline
HS660 Electrical Legislation Legislation
HS661 Noise Legislation Legislation
HS662 Plant Legislation Legislation
HS663 PPE Legislation Legislation
HS667 Chemical Legislation Legislation
HS669 Ready Reckoner - Toxic Gas Release Chemical Register
HS670 Ready Reckoner - Exhaust Fan Chemical Register
HS671 Ready Reckoner - Flammable Gas Chemical Register
HS680 Placard and Manifest Quantities for Schedule 11 Chemicals Chemical Information
HS681 Fact Sheet on the GHS Dangerous Goods, Chemical Information
HS682 GHS Hazard Classes Summary Dangerous Goods, Chemical Information
HS683 List of Hazard Statements Dangerous Goods, Chemical Information
HS684 List of Precautionary Statements Dangerous Goods, Chemical Information
HS685 List of Prohibited Cacinogenic Substances Carcinogens, Chemical Information
HS686 List of Restricted Cacinogenic Substances Carcinogens, Chemical Information
HS687 Chemicals for health surveillance Chemical Information
HS699 Laboratory Clearance Certificate Guideline Laboratory Guideline
HS700_Laboratory_Clearance_Certificate Laboratory Form
HS701 Personal Protective Equipment Signs Personal Protective Equipment Information
HS703 Work Alone or After Hours Approval Form After Hours Form
HS704 Laboratory Decommissioning Checklist Laboratory Checklist
HS705 Guide to your computer workstation Ergonomics/Manual Tasks Guides