Welcome to the Contractor Safety Management module for Faculties/Divisions

This page covers the requirements for Faculties and Divisions to manage contractors in accordance with UNSW Safety requirements. 

**NOTE Estate Management, Hospitality, Property, Retail & Leasing, Student Accommodation and IT are required to follow requirements set out under the HS801 Managing Contractor’s Guideline**. 

This module does not apply to:

Major works initiated by the Faculty/Division - these are managed by UNSW Estate Management.

Labour Hire/ consultants in an office setting or casual lecturers

This module does apply to:

  • Equipment service and maintenance contractors
  • Contractors engaged directly by the Faculty/ School/ Division

If you have any queries, you can contact the relevant  HS contact for your Faculty/Division 

Contractor management process:

Step 1: Pre-Qualification

Contractors need to be selected for work based on the following:

  • Skills & formal competencies
  • Experience
  • Demonstrated safety processes
  • Past incidents
    • Serious incidents: You should check whether a particular contractor has had any serious incidents in the past before using them. Whilst a serious past safety incident isn’t strictly a reason to not engage the contractor, it should be discussed for any tender or planning of work
    • They may be ok: In many cases PCBU's who have recovered from a serious incident tend to have addressed the issues that led to a failure.  You can check past incidents locally (UNSW) and state wide via the following ways:
    • Safety Coordinators: Check with your HSE coordinator on past incident data at UNSW
    • SafeWork NSW: Check the SafeWork NSW website for past prosecutions: 

What do you need to do?

Request from the contractor how they will manage safety. This can be done in an email i.e.:

  • Insurance - Public liability insurance (mandatory)'
  • Insurance - Professional indemnity insurance
  • Insurance - Product liability insurance
  • Insurance - Workers compensation or Sole trader accident/ injury insurance (mandatory)

 Safety system (mandatory)

  • Management commitment/ worker safety responsibilities summary
  • Consultation arrangements
  • Risk controls documents (i.e. SWMS, Company safety manual, procedures or JSA)
  • Training & Supervision process
  • Safety issue reporting process i.e. hazards and incidents
  • Workers compensation /return to work process
  • Licenses /competencies

For further information on the following see SafeWork NSW Small Business safety pack - click

Step 2: Contractual Agreement (Scope of works; Terms & Conditions)

What do you need to do?

  • A written agreement needs to be developed between you and the contractor (this may be in the form of an email).
  • The email can use the following format:

Defined scope of work

This will likely already be established as part of the quote or tender. If not the contractor can write it in this field:




UNSW responsibilities

  • UNSW will provide any relevant local inductions or training for contractors
  • UNSW will provide any information it may have on local hazards in the area where work will occur
  • UNSW will act on any contractor concerns that fall under UNSW’s influence/ control

Contractor responsibilities

  • Contractors must observe UNSW instructions
  • Contractors must work in accordance with their risk management documentation
  • Contractors must undertake inductions where directed
  • Contractors must not alter or switch off anything without permission of UNSW
  • Contractors are required to bring all their own tools and dispose of their rubbish. Contractors must also bring their own PPE except where UNSW will provide lab specific PPE as needed

Step 3: Induction

Generic Online 

What do you need to do?

  • Direct your contractors to undertake the steps below to undertake online inductions
  • Verify businesses have uploaded the right documents
    • What you can see: when you log in to the portal as a UNSW Manager, you can see any business registered and have the ability to sight their workers compensation, public liability and other insurances
    • Checks: you need to ensure they have done this correctly and uploaded everything they need to and set the right expiry dates
  • Check contractors have uploaded their licenses into their portal
    • Verification: once you have verified contractors have completed the inductions, they are also required to upload the relevant licenses. This may include white card, heights work, confined space entry or other
    • Checks: you can check this by logging in as UNSW Manager and then selecting the file uploads section

Go to the following link:

STEP a: business needs to register first


Business needs to upload relevant documents:


STEP b: contractors register under the business first,

Contractors then Complete Part A and undertake the research lab induction module (if relevant)


Site/Project Specific (HS085)

What do you need to do?

  • Induct your contractors using the HS805 induction form. In the induction be sure to discuss the following:
  • Emergencies: ensure contractors are aware of emergency arrangements i.e. evacuation, first aid arrangements etc
  • Worksite activities: assess what UNSW activities may impact contractor safety, communicate this
  • Hazard information: provide information on hazards in the local area PPE: Providing lab specific PPE where needed
  • Consultation: formal consultation arrangements must be in place with contractors to discuss safety risks for our site
  • Acting on concerns: act on any safety concerns raised by contractors 
  • Right of inspection:  advise that we (UNSW) can undertake an inspection at any time
  • Stop work: stop work process to address serious incidents or hazards during the work
  • Safety when working on UNSW infrastructure: (i.e. impacting live services) as well as initiating shutdowns etc.

Step 4: Verification that contractors are following UNSW & Contractor H&S controls

What do you need to do?

Ensure contractors are following safe systems of work they have established and you have discussed, generally this will be:

  • Following your instructions for not turning off power points or other services where directed
  • Putting up worksite barriers where needed
  • Not standing on lab benches or chairs – using proper ladders etc
  • Wearing lab specific PPE where directed
  • Raising any safety concerns with you
  • Not using lab resources to clean up without your permission
  • Not using lab waste bins without your permission
  • Not chocking open doors etc
  • Not eating or drinking in the lab

What to do if a contractor is not following rules

  • Advise of in appropriate behaviour
  • Request they do not engage in such behaviour
  • Monitor behaviour
  • For repeat offenders’ report to business owner and seek action eg another contractor
  • Have contractor make area safe, terminate works and engage another contractor
  • Place a notation in contractor management system not to re-engage

Step 5: Performance Evaluation

What do you need to do?

Verify they have completed the work as you have scoped/ paid for it