Faculties and Divisions must not arrange any construction, refurbishment or maintenance of buildings or engineering services using their own staff or contractors unless approved in writing by Facilities Management. CFMs have primary responsibility for managing building contractors for their specific client area. Hazards arising from contractor activities should be reported to the relevant CFM or Facilities Management Client Services on ext 55111.


UNSW (University of New South Wales) has a number of campuses and properties that provide facilities for work, learning, research and recreation.
Every working day approximately 50,000 people travel to UNSW to work and study. It is UNSW policy that all activities on UNSW campuses and properties are carried out safely and in full compliance with relevant laws.
UNSW aims to enhance teaching, learning, research and facilities management by promoting and facilitating sa safe, healthy and secure learning and working environment.
Please contact Facilities Management: 02 9385 5111