Working from Home

UNSW and flexible work

At UNSW, we genuinely value work/life balance and see flexibility as an important part of supporting employees to achieve their best.

Our people have access to a wide range of support in balancing their life interests – from flexible work arrangements and generous entitlements through to onsite child care and full gym facilities on campus.

Many UNSW employees request flexibility to work from home out of either necessity or convenience.

When an employee is working flexibly or from home they are still required to comply with the Work Health and Safety Act.

Depending on the type of work being undertaken specific other policies may be relevant to them

Flexibility and Safe Work Practices

Greater flexibility in how the working day is organised is one of the benefits of being home-based. However that flexibility needs to be balanced by sensible management of the boundaries between work and home.

  • Where possible, identify a particular place within the home which is dedicated to ‘work’ and make it known that this is your office.
  • Report any hazards or work-related injuries or accidents that occur.
  • If you have a dedicated room, hang or stick a ‘busy’ sign on the door when you are working.
  • Consider adopting a set routine such as starting and finishing UNSW work at a particular time.
  • Identify the periods of the day when you are most productive and agree arrangements with your manager for traceability and monitoring. It is important that your manager knows your whereabouts and can account for your safety and wellbeing. 
  • ‘Block’ your time so that you are not working continuously and have breaks which acknowledge family and personal needs.
  • Agree ground rules with your family regarding your working practices.
  • Remember that home-based working is not a substitute for the proper provision of care for dependants – e.g. child care may still be required.

Make it clear to your colleagues and managers when you are/are not contactable. Keep your calendar up-to-date and agree core hours with your manager.