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 Current SafeSys Statistics 

SafeSys documents require regular ongoing maintenance, each area should be working on their documents daily or weekly.

Since Jan 2022 there was a 1% decrease in the live site documents, this includes documents that are listed as a draft, due for review, pending approval, rejected, or submitted.

On the SafeSys holding site we have not maintained the progress as seen in previous months and have experienced a 1% increase in the number of due for review documents.

Each area needs to work on their due for review documents, no one should be doing work or using equipment if their documents are not current Staff and students must stop work and update their documents before they continue.

Want to know more? Please contact your local SafeSys administrator, or if you don’t know who this is, email

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If you experience technical difficulties with SafeSys, please contact the UNSW IT Service Centre (ask to be directed to the SharePoint/SafeSys team) on:,  (02) 9385 1333 

If you have questions about how to use SafeSys please contact your local safety contact, otherwise Safety team on