Safesys training
SafeSys is a new online health and safety management system for forms, equipment and activities/fieldwork. The word documents HS017 Risk Management Form, HS026 Safe Work Procedure Form, HS030 Inspection Testing and Monitoring Schedule Form and HS653 Hazard & Risk Register  will instead be created within SafeSys

Key features of SafeSys are:

  • Everyone with a zID will have access to SafeSys.
  • Everyone with access can create Risk Management Forms and Safe Work Procedures electronically.
  • Everyone with access can view Risk Management Forms and Safe Work Procedures created in SafeSys from all faculties and business units across the university.
  • Supervisors can electronically approve Risk Management Forms or Safe Work Procedures, removing the need for paper signature.
  • Workers and students can electronically declare that they have read and understood safety documents, removing the need for paper signatures.
  • Local area equipment and maintenance can be tracked with automatic reminders of when maintenance is due.
  • It allows easy ability to monitor safety compliance within schools/faculties.
  • It allows the movement of paper-based school processes into an electronic system.
  • There is automatic syncing of IT Active Directory of zID's
  • There is ongoing support from UNSW Central IT
  • It has a modern, easy to use interface

Access to SafeSys:

If you are using a SOE-computer it will automatically log-in, if you are using a non-SOE computer please use “ADUNSW\zXXXXXXXX” your usual zID and zPass
SafeSys is being built in stages with a phased release over 2014 and 2015.

Only some schools in UNSW currently have access to SafeSys, see this list of all Schools with access and the School Administrators who can assist you. All staff and students of these schools automatically get access once they are set-up with a zID at UNSW. Please do not request access to the site if your area is not listed; low-risk areas not in the phase 1 release plan will be released to later in 2015.

Instructions on how to use SafeSys is available in the Help and Knowledge pages within the site; if you have any further questions contact your School Administrator

SafeSys F.A.Q's

This is the basic process for creating a Risk Management Form, Safe Work Procedure, Activity or Equipment in SafeSys:


If you experience technical difficulties with SafeSys, please contact the UNSW IT Service Centre (ask to be directed to the SharePoint/SafeSys team) on:,  (02) 9385 1333 

If you have questions about how to use SafeSys please contact your School Administrator, otherwise the UNSW HSE team on