2020 UNSW Biological and Facility Register


In 2019, at the request of UNSW Sydney, KPMG carried out an internal audit of Biosecurity and Biosafety activities on campus by selecting in five Schools, and found that The University is currently unable to confirm the extent of  biological agents on-site (excluding PC3) due to a lack of visibility over the current holdings of material stored within UNSW laboratories. Whilst the use of GMO’s is governed through the GTRC, which doesn’t review the use of non-GMO’s, the current risk exposure is unable to be confirmed and current processes don’t allow for a central view of acquisitions, approvals, usage and storage of biological agents. The completion of this comprehensive register is the first Corrective Action from the internal audit, in order to address this deficiency.

   Due-by date for the return of registers: 16th October, 2020

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 UNSW Biological Facility Guide (UPDATED 13/07/2020)

 UNSW Biological and Facility Register Template

Register Naming Conventions


 Risk Group Catagory


Material Flow Diagram 


Q&A June 2020 Consultation

UNSW KPMG Internal Audit Final Report  Instructions to Deans HOS