Jaggaer: Chemical Inventory Management


Operations Module 

  • Requisition Search
  • Orders
  • Receiving
  • Delivery Requests
  • Substance Register
  • Admin
  • Container Admin (Advanced Container Operations)
  • Reports                                                                       

Researcher Module

  • Purchasing (Hosted Catalogues, UNSW Stores, Type In (Spot Buy) Items
  • My Requests
  • Laboratory Inventory
  • Container Operations (Basic)
  • Materials Search (For Container Creation)
  • Open Approval Items (Safety Approvals for School Administrators)
  • Receiving 

Admin Users

1. How to create Organisations Cost Centres and People

2. Open Appovals Items

3. How to Create a Purchasing Report

4. How to obtain GHS summary data by Hazard type

5. How to Receive a Delivery

Operation Module

1. Creating a New Material

2. Editing a Current Material

3. Creating a Container in Operations

4. How to Transfer a Container to a New Location

Researcher Module

1. Login Process

2. User Preference Setup

3. Hosted Catalog Purchasing Procedures

4. Type in (Spot Buy) Purchasing Procedure

5. UNSW Stores Purchasing Procedures

6. Structure Searching Purchasing Procedure

7. My Request - Container Operations

8. Creating a Container in Researcher

9. Searching Laboratory Inventory

10. Editing Email Notification Settings

Stock-Room Users

1. Creating a New Stockroom Item

2. Editing - Updating Stock Items

3. Adjust Item Inventory

4. Ad Hoc and Reviewing Replenishment Orders

5. Receiving Replenishment Order

6. Picking Items for Request

7. Customer Return

Roles & Responsibilities

School Administrators

CIM Role Profiles

If you are experiencing technical difficulties:

If you are a new user, first contact your School Administrator for access.