Kindness Month

June is Kindness Month at UNSW


Random Acts of Kindness Challenge


Random Act of Kindness Quote


We had a fantastic response to our Challenge, with a big list of wonderful Random Acts of Kindness performed by the UNSW community. 

The following staff members won free 20-minute workplace massages (one staff member even anonymously allocated their massage prize to a colleague as a further act of kindness):

Lance Islip (Health and Safety)
Lee Wright (School of Law)
Katrina Lopez (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)
Angela Brooks (Black Dog Institute)
Simone Purdon (PVC Research Training)

Congratulations to all our winners!

In no particular order, here are our Challenge submissions:

  1. Bought a kilo of meat and a loaf of bread for a lady begging outside Woolworths to feed her family. She is a local and I often see her and her kids around.
  2. Bought a suspended coffee at my local café (I do this regularly) [This is where you pay for the next person's coffee without that customer knowing who did it.]
  3. I regularly (weekly) buy a coffee for a local in my area that can’t speak properly (hard life) and is always in the same clothes (lives in housing).
  4. Smiled at a stranger (doesn’t everyone!?)
  5. I have organised a potluck lunch to our team here in our office for the next week as some of our staff are moving to the City in July.
  6. This morning a car was stopped at the end of Library Road. I was on my bike and stopped to ask if they needed help. The Canadian Father and daughter were looking for the Scientia building and a good place to park. I helped them out with directions to the building and the Botany St car park. 
  7. My sister-in law had a stroke approx. 10 years ago at age 52 and is currently wheelchair bound. On the weekend we flew down to Melbourne to see her and her new grandchild. As one of her daughters is now planning to get married and seeking an engagement dress, I took her to Chadstone, and wheeled her around with her daughter to be enable her to be part of her daughter’s journey.  
  8. I helped my elderly neighbour set up the privacy settings on their facebook account, and help them add friends and family to reconnect with. I also showed her some groups and pages that they might like, like knitting, cooking and gardening.
  9. A number of people/teams brought in delicious, home-made soup which could be bought in exchange for donations to a homeless charity (it was a total hit)!
  10. Giving a 15 minute free massage to a colleague.
  11. Sending random and kind compliments to colleagues.
  12. After hearing about a colleague's upcoming trip to Europe, another colleague wrote a lovely note full of useful European language catch-phrases and gave a little bit of money in the form of 3 different currencies they had lying around.
  13. Sharing a weekly Marley Spoon fruit basket with the team each week for the last month or so.
  14. On my walk in to work this morning along Bourke St I noticed a lady struggling to move a small filing cabinet down some stairs so I stopped and helped her out. It made her quite happy and me too. She said I deserved to have a wonderful day!

Kindness Tea Stall

We had a lovely morning on Wednesday 21 June offering free tea to everyone who brought their own cup to the Kindness Tea Stall.

Kindness Tea Stall

Customers at the Kindness Tea Stall