Global Challenge

Lunchtime Walks

Our Launch Day Walk was so successful we’ve decided to make it a regular event every 2 weeks during the Global Challenge! We’ve chosen our two most popular destinations – Fred Hollows Reserve and Coogee Beach - so click here to register and help build those step counts! The dates for our walks are below:

Tuesday 18 July

Wednesday 16 August

Thursday 3 August

Thursday 31 August

If you would like to arrange your own walks at lunchtime, here's a great brochure with some suggested routes around UNSW which was produced by Transport for NSW - complete with distances, times, step counts and kilojoules burned!

University Mini League Leaderboard: 18th July 2017
   University Average Steps 
1  University of Tasmania 13,168
2  Queensland University of Technology 12,790
3  University of New South Wales  12,612
4 Macquarie University 12,467
5  University of Sydney 12,279
6  Griffith University 12,173
7 UniQuest   11,873 
8 University of Wollongong   11,820
9 RMIT University  11,637
10 USQ Student Guild  11,504

Baseline Report: UNSW

31st May 2017

7th June 2017

14th June 2017

5th July 2017

6th August 2017

Step Conversions

Virgin has provided us with a list of activities which can be converted into additional steps. If you participate in the below activities, please add these steps in manually. These step conversions are to be used instead of your Pulse, not in addition to your Pulse. If you wish to use the conversions in the table, please take off your Pulse whilst doing these activities.

Activity Steps Per Minute
Badminton 136
Boxing - against opponent in ring 364
Boxing - punching bag 182
Boxing - sparring 272
Gym Session/Circuit Training 242
High-intensity aerobics 212
Kayaking 151
Pilates 75
Scuba diving 212
Snorkelling 151
Spin Class 379
Stand up paddle boarding 121
Table Tennis 121
Tai Chi 121
Tennis 212
Weight Session - Heavy 182
Weight Session - Light 121
Yoga 75
Zumba 212



We still have t-shirts available for the Global Challenge! Some have been ordered and not yet collected. If you would like a t-shirt or have ordered one, please contact Emma Gillham to arrange a time to collect your t-shirt. T-shirts are $5 each or free for Team Captains. T-shirts for UNSW Canberra participants have been sent to Vaish Muralidharan. Please contact her to arrange collection of the t-shirts.

All money raised by sale of the t-shirts will go towards our end of Global Challenge Celebration in October.  


Remember to put your pedometers on as soon as you get up in the morning - every step counts!