Rest Breaks

Task variation

Task variation ensures that a variety of working postures are assumed. Regular breaks will assist to relieve muscle fatigue, eyestrain and to restore the level of concentration.

Pause Break Reminder Programs

A number of computer applications are available for installation which provide users with tailored reminders to take rest breaks.

Work Rave Software is a free application which can be downloaded for use with PCs. Time Out - Break Reminders and Anti RSI Mac are similar applications for use with MAC devices.

Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition software is also available to promote breaks from keyboard. A number of options are available, including but not limited to Windows 7 Speech Recognition

Stretches and exercises

Stretching and exercising helps prevent injuries by increasing blood flow and allowing individuals to change posture. HS705 Guide to your Computer Workstation provides information about pause exercises. If you have a medical condition or an existing injury, you should discuss the suggested sample exercises with your treating doctor and / or treatment provider and in all cases follow any specific advice or guidelines given by them.