Health & Safety Consultation

Level 1 Committee Health, Safety & Environment Report

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
 March 2017  May 2017  August 2017 November 2017 
March 2016 June 2016 September 2016 November 2016
March 2015 May 2015 - December 2015
March 2014 May 2014 August 2014 December 2014
March 2013 May 2013 August 2013 December 2013
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Health & Safety Representatives: Faculty/Divisions/Workgroups

Division of Advancement

Name Committee Workgroup
Anne Troth  Chancellery North Wing
Lara Shaw  Chancellery South Wing and Reception
Brad Hall  Goodsell Building

DVC Education

Name Committee Workgroup
Iain Martin Office of the DVC Academic
Veronika Roth Secretary
Stephen Ford/Ben Crankshaw CFM
James Magistrale Tenancy & Divisions
Judy Haywood Library
Sarah Fredline Library
Jan Thomas Goodsell Building
Jane Conway Matthews Building
Ashley Dunne Matthews Building
Karine Doyle Chancellery Building
Rachel Abel Office of the DVC Academic

DVC Research: Level 2/3 H&S Committee

Name Committee Workgroup
Daniel Owens (Chair) Office of the DVCR (Chancellery)
Kay Rook L3 Rupert Myers Building (RGC/RECS/RFO/SYSTEMS/RAPPO/RRO)
Sue Kwong L3 Rupert Myers Building (RGC/RECS/RFO/SYSTEMS/RAPPO/RRO)
Cecilia Stenstrom L4 Rupert Myers Building                     (RSPO/PVCs/RDU)
Claudia Abouarrage L4 Rupert Myers Building                     (RSPO/PVCs/RDU)
Drita Baljevic L2 Rupert Myers Building                                 (UNSW Innovations)
Kylie Haldane L2 Rupert Myers Building                               (Graduate Research School)
Rebecca Lawrence L2 Rupert Myers Building                               (Graduate Research School)
Chris Marjo Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre
Brendan Lee Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Name Committee Workgroup
Julie Miller SAM Employer representative
Jennifer Beale SAM Staff representative
Brendan Webb SoE Employer representative
Simone Pilosio   SoE Staff representative
Lois Cleal HAL Employer representative
Melissa Merritt HAL Staff representative
Michael Bowen SoSS Employer representative
Jung-Sook Lee SoSS Staff representative
David Cami SPRC & CSRH Employer representative
Lisa McElhinney SPRC & CSRH Staff representative
Neal Dennis Technical Resource Centre

Faculty of Built Environment

Name Committee Workgroup
Nicolle Spyrou P&T staff
Anthony Jones P&T staff
Linda Corkery Academic Staff
Mariano Ramirez Academic Staff
Sing D’Arcy Academic Staff
Benson Lim Academic Staff
Ryan Van den Nouwelant Student Member & Research 
John Stanley FM Representative

Faculty of Engineeering

Name Committee Workgroup Graduate School Biomedical

Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Electrical, Telecommunications Mechanical and Manufacturing

Mining Engineering Petroleum Engineering SPREE

Faculty of Law

Name Committee Workgroup
Emma Armson Academic Representative
Alexandra George Academic Representative
Roselle Nunes KLC Representative
Vinuri Dissanayake Faculty Student Representative
Jenny Jarrett P&T Staff Representative
Chris Katselas SECO and Chief Fire Warden
Belinda Lancey Client Service Team Member, Herbert Smith Freehills Law Library
Lenny Crawley Facilities Management Representative
Lorrie Prazanova Committee Officer
Vacant P&T Staff Representative
Kelly Tallon Centre Precinct Representative
David Dixon Dean

Faculty of Medicine

Medicine Contacts

Faculty of Science

Aviation  Dr Carlo Caponecchia

Ian Aldred, Storeman, General Staff representative

Graham Ball, Chairperson/Academic staff representative Chemistry
Peta Di Bella, General Staff Representative Chemistry

Marcus Cole, Academic Staff Representative


Kenneth Hong, Student Representative


Hsiu Lin Li, F10 Level 10, Academic Staff Representative

Toby Jackson, Laboratory Manager/Technical Staff Representative Chemistry

Nicholas Konstandaras, Student Representative


Chris Marjo, Analytical Centre Representative


Klaus Nauta, Academic Staff Representative


Nancy Scoleri, General Staff Representative


Neeraj Sharma, Academic Staff Representative


Ken Wong, Student Representative

James Richards Science Faculty Workshop
Academic - Owen Standard  Material Sciences
P&T and Admin staff Rahmat Kartono Material Sciences
Research staff - Ruiping Zou Material Sciences
Chair: Russel Morison  Mathematics
Academic: Feng Chen Mathematics
Admin Staff: Venus Lim Mathematics
Student: Anna Tomskova Mathematics

Dale W. Larden


Kay Dulhunty


Tracy Kane


Paul Zytnik


Ajay Kumar

Academic, Fiona Phelps Phsycology
P&T, John Bolzan Phsycology

Peter Reece


Sue Hagon


Shane Hengst


CQC2T, Otte Homan


Postgrad – John Lopez


Undergrad – Denis Khoshaba


Finance & Operations

Name Committee Workgroup
Renee Estrella  Chancellery Level 2 North
Matthew Stacey Chancellery Level 2 North 
Ashish Sharma Chancellery Level 2 North
John McNally  Chancellery Level 2 South

Human Resources

Name Committee Workgroup
Peter McConaghie HR Chancellery Level 3
Michelle Tanti HR Chancellery Level 3
Marnie Lawrence HR Chancellery Level 3
Jo Toby HR Chancellery Level 1
Amelia Ryan Faculty based HR staff
David Ward HR Chancellery Level 3

UNSW Art & Design

Level 3 Committee
Name Committee Workgroup
Zanny Begg (Chair) Academic Staff
Alex Byrne Workshops
Denis Cooper Fire Warden
Alex Davies Academic Staff
Dara Gill Galleries
Edward Sheer  Management
Judy Haywood Library
Jo Holloway CSU
David Millar Facilities
Marie Sierra Management
Jim Ward Resource Centre
Leanne TheBridge Health & Safety Representative
Level 2 Committee
Ross Harley Dean
Marie Sierra Deputy Dean
Edward Sheer  Head Of School
Lynn Greenwood Faculty General Manager
Luke Killen Manager, IT Services 
Jim Ward Manager, Maker Services
Leanne TheBridge Health & Safety Representative

UNSW Business School

Name Committee Workgroup
Virginia Hine School of Risk & Actuarial Studies
Alexandra James School of Information Systems, Technology & Management
Alexandra Zrodlowski AGSM MBA Program
Kat Henaway AGSM Executive Education
Amy Brushwood ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR)
TBC (Acting Rep: Emma Gillham) UNSW HS Unit
April Moses School of Taxation and Business Law
Nigel Poole General Manager, Committee Chairperson
Sonia Johannes School of Economics
Gemma Thompson School of Accounting
Julie Skuja Dean’s Unit, Faculty HS Administrator
Michelle Halstead HS Committee Secretary
Liam Kirwan FM Client Service Manager
Alana Stanfield IT Services
Michelle Osborne Deputy Dean Education/Alumni
Tanya Allan School of Management
Nora Yim School of Marketing
Theresa Wisniewski School of Banking and Finance
Suzanne Strauh Student Centre, Marketing, EDU
Megan Day Centre for Social Impact